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A Complete Security Solution

About Our Company

We are professionals in high- tech surveillance and security system in Odisha. Boasts advanced technology and capability of continuous innovation enabled the company to expand in latest surveillance and security equipments in Odisha and provides better and safer solutions to every security challenge. For last 7 years our organization has been managing and analyzing world's best electronic security system for the betterment of or client's. In competitive business world we offer reliability, cost effectiveness and true satisfaction. Our organization gives warranty of the quality, reliability and satisfaction.

  • Metspy. manage its ever-evolving quality commitment through its best practices in Knowledge Management, continuous quality research and employing the best human resources. Our quality initiatives are based on the best global frameworks from requirements engineering to delivery and support promise. Our PQA (Process Quality Assurance) employ testing benchmarks, performance scales and schedule management for each phase in the development and support lifecycle. Specifically our continuous efforts ensure.

  • Development of high-quality Service Solution systems that comply Completely with customer's demands and expectation.Implanting awareness of quality in all organizational processes.Efficient Project/Product Life cycle management based on SEIs CMM guidelines.Rigorous Testing practices to ensure the highest level of Quality.Statistical Process Control.

  • Metspy. has the responsibility to be the link between their clients and national markets. Every day it interacts with clients, simplifying complex issues, resolving unworkable ones & Provide security service.

  • "We are committed to develop the high end technology Security solutions with constant innovation, continuous improvement and value added services".